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    Sony DLT IV Backup Data Tape Storage Medium

    2010 - 03.08

    The Sony DLT-IV backup tapes are highly reliable and have high storage capacity. They are the top most preference of the enterprises over the world. They deliver the best results in the workstation data & server network. The financial institutes and the public sectors as well are mostly using the DLT-IV data backup tape format. The most important feature of the DLT-IV tape is that it powerful & fast and has new technology of “Half Inch Metal Particle”. The recording capacity is also very high up to 80GB (compressed rate). The data transfer speed is fast and the file access is also very quick. The performance of the DLT IV tape is high because of the “Metal Particle technology”. This new technology saves the space in the tape cartridge with single reel, therefore, the compressed recording capacity reaches to 80 Gigabytes. With the help of the”DLT8000 drive” flagship, the data transfer rate can is increased and the compressed rate reaches up to 12 Megabytes per second.

    The DLT-IV tape has been added new and advanced feature of “Sony Binder”. This feature enhances the tape performance and reduces the tape reel’s wear with in contact with the head. The passes in the DLT-IV tapes reach up to 1 million. The DLT-IV tape has long durable life and is considered as one of the most reliable and stable data backup storage medium. The body of the Sony DLT-IV has been carefully engineered and manufactured. The tape to head interface is optimized through the “defect detection”.

    In the automated systems the Sony’s DLT IV backup data media tape makes it easy to identify the media and the files can also be accessed more quickly. The precious data is protected and made safer, secured because the Sony DLT-IV cartridge has “labeling service”. This service saves the time and therefore, the performance along with the efficiency of the tape enhances. The migration to the system of higher storage capacity is easy because the DLT technology based systems are backward read compatible. In this way the cost can is also reduced when the system is upgraded. The DLT-IV makes the data safe and secure. It has the new, advanced “correction & error detection” technology along with the “multi track redundancy”.

    The tape reel’s wear & tear during the contact with the tape head is also reduced due to the “adaptive mechanism”. In order to keep the performance of the tape consistent, the tape drive heads should be kept clean. So, the Sony has developed the cleaning tape “DL3-CL”. This Sony cleaning tape is compatible with all the Digital linear tape (DLT) drives and provides the best results. The cleaning tape gives up to twenty cleanings. The cleaning should be done regularly. The cleaning should be done when the tape drive’s “cleaning lamp” illuminates.

    Sony has developed and introduced many popular, reliable data storage mediums like the ? half inch tape, AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) tape, Super AIT tape, Digital Linear Tape (DLT), Linear Tape Open (LTO) format. These data storage mediums are considered as the storage standards. Sony has also developed reliable, efficient, robust and popular Optical Disks (Magneto Optical MO, Compact Disk CD, Digital Versatile Disc DVD).